The Office of Enrollment Management is guided by three organizing principles that inform and direct our efforts on behalf of our students and communities.

The first is to nurture and sustain Northeastern University’s commitment to being an institution that serves students from every part of the world. Whether our learners live around the corner or in any corner of the globe, we seek to ensure our students feel welcomed, supported, and engaged with their chosen fields of study.

The second is to be a global leader in offering exceptional education to all students in the service of practical skills and knowledge. Whether they are focused on their first steps as an undergraduate or the next stage in the evolution of their careers, our extended community of learners will receive an education that provides them with the lifelong tools needed to better understand and address the challenges which face their communities.

The third is to be a highly efficient and ambitious customer-focused organization that strives to provide the best service for the thousands of learners who make up the Northeastern University community. Our mission is to ensure that their commitment to furthering their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the world is matched by our focus on world-class service for all who strive for a Northeastern University education.

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