What is Enrollment Management?

Led by Sundar Kumarasamy Vice President of Enrollment, Enrollment Management is a division aimed at strategizing and executing plans to shape the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of Northeastern learners at all levels, in order to achieve established university enrollment and financial goals. At Northeastern, Enrollment Management is a data-informed process that creates strategies for student recruitment, pricing and financial aid, admissions, marketing, and communications. Enrollment Management is a student-centric division that supports students’ educational and professional goals as it engages with them throughout their lifelong relationship with the university.


At Northeastern, Enrollment Management is made up of several departments, including Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Services, the Office of Global Services, Enrollment Marketing and Communications, Graduate and Professional Enrollment, International Enrollment Management, the Enrollment Contact Center, Pre-College Programs, Opportunity Scholarship and Outreach Programs, Enrollment Systems, and Enrollment Research.