Departments Overview

Enrollment Communications and Undergraduate Marketing

Led by Senior Director Lauren Shaka, the Enrollment Communications and Undergraduate Marketing team is a hybrid marketing and communications team which blends traditional and digital marketing efforts with a focus on communication strategy.

Focusing on communications strategy across the enrollment unit, the team aligns our marketing and communication strategies and efforts to the university’s goals and to the strategic Enrollment Management framework. This strategy governs how we manage the achievement of enrollment goals from a marketing standpoint, while harnessing our creative energy to create great products, to uphold our brand, and to positively shape the experience of our audiences.

This team provides full marketing and communications support throughout the entire prospective journey. This includes an inquiry pool with several hundred thousand inquires, nurturing them from freshmen year of high school on, through the applicant and yield experience, to calibrating for anti-melt efforts for learners admitted into undergraduate day program, pathways programs such as, NU Bound, NU Immerse, and Continue, in addition to the growing suite of Accelerate Pre-college Programs.

Our team works closely with a number of university partners to develop strategies and assist with the execution of enrollment marketing plans. We specialize in the high school student and parent audience, conducting annual market research to keep our thumb on the pulse of this audience and their influencers and, based in this research, we create and innovate on the strategic marketing and communications framework.

Enrollment Contact Center

The Enrollment Management Contact Center is the primary point of contact for several of the university’s departments, including College of Professional Studies, Student Financial Services, Undergraduate Admissions, NU Global Network, Veterans, and Parking. Led by Brian Murphy Clinton, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment, team members are trained to field questions related to all enrollment areas. They are able to assist callers with billing and payment issues, application status checks, missing documents, and university policies and procedures. The Contact Center team works very closely with the various departments that we support and will direct callers to the appropriate party if we are unable to resolve their issue. The Contact Center has begun to expand its role in doing outbound calls in support of the undergraduate admissions office and the College of Professional Studies. This important work is aimed at enhancing the overall service experience for prospective students and families and identifying new and innovative ways of engaging our audience and elevating the overall service paradigm within Enrollment Management.

Enrollment Research

The Enrollment Research team, led by Shane Karcz, provides timely data analytics that inform and help guide strategic decision making across the entirety of the student lifecycle, from recruitment and enrollment through to persistence and graduation. Such analysis contributes to student recruitment strategy, admissions strategy and reporting, financial aid leveraging, predictive yield modeling, enrollment forecasting, and retention research.

Shane co-chairs the Enrollment and Aid Strategy Committee along with Vice President, Sundar Kumarasamy. This group consists of members from Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Services, Enrollment Marketing, and Enrollment Research who work collaboratively throughout the year to meet undergraduate student enrollment goals. Through detailed data analysis, research and planning, the group proposes and implements strategies to attract, enroll, support and retain highly qualified students for all full-time undergraduate programs.

Graduate and Professional Enrollment, Marketing Admissions, and Customer Experience

This unit, which is comprised of three teams and is led by Mallik Sundharam, provides centralized marketing and admissions support for the Colleges, Schools, and departments across Northeastern for graduate and professional enrollment. The Marketing team begins the process with developing and executing on marketing strategies and plans with campaigns for our audiences and academic programs.

In conjunction with the Marketing Team, the Customer Experience Team consists of six functional areas (Design/User Experience, Web Development, Content, Project Management, Marketing Technology & Operations, and Digital Analytics) that support multiple areas including: graduate colleges including all CPS programs, CPS undergraduate degree completion programs, regional campuses, international enrollment management and undergraduate marketing and communications.

The Admissions Teams and dedicated enrollment specialists’ mentor and support each individual prospect and applicant through the admissions process. Customer relationship management technology is in place for scale and the admissions staff focuses on a personalized approach to supporting each prospective student. Our admissions staff supports over 60,000 inquiries per year. We are currently moving this team from an external vendor to an internal team based in Dedham.

Our teams enable full marketing and enrollment support throughout the entire prospective student journey, including both digital and print engagement for our domestic and international recruitment efforts. Our centralized teams also work closely with the regional campuses and the international team to develop strategies and assist with the execution of enrollment management and marketing plans. In addition to working with all of the Schools, Colleges and departments, we collaborate with all of the offices throughout the university to enable our recruitment efforts.

International Enrollment Management (IEM)

International Enrollment Management (IEM), led by Mallik Sundharam, offers a centralized global marketing and recruitment infrastructure and support to Colleges establishing a unified brand representation, program, and experiential offerings from Northeastern University to Global markets. IEM has built a framework for international recruitment that includes B to B (Channel partner) recruitment, U.S. based international student recruitment, enrollment through international institutional partners, government/private sponsors, and global corporate learners. IEM global recruitment infrastructure includes in-country recruitment representatives, who engage in regular institutional visits, counselor training, student fairs, one-on-one counseling as well as regular follow-up with prospective students while building and managing a local marketing infrastructure for online and On-ground marketing activities.

The IEM team works closely with colleges to collaboratively establish international enrollment goals, create and execute marketing as well as communication plans, facilitate recruitment events, yield events, and pre-departure support. In collaboration with the Office of Global Services (OGS), IEM also supports infrastructural needs to ensure the international student experience on campus appropriately enables our current international students as ambassadors for our prospective international students.

Office of Global Services

The Office of Global Services (OGS) advances the international community of Northeastern through ensuring immigration compliance and providing transformational academic services and cultural experiences for student success. OGS collaborates broadly with partners across the Northeastern campuses to build the university’s global system, growing the regional campuses, and enhance the international recruitment and global alumni networks.

Led by Mallik Sundharam, OGS consists comprehensive advising specialists (Pre-Arrival, Compliance, and Employment areas of expertise), a Student Support and Programming group, and a Data Management team. The OGS teams are dedicated to providing comprehensive support focused on student satisfaction and operational efficiency to create an environment that fosters a supportive, positive, and nurturing experience. The OGS provides professional expertise and support from the time of admission to beyond graduation. Currently OGS serves 16,135 international students in the university’s global system with 12,333 currently enrolled, and 3,802 on Optional Practical Training.

Opportunity Scholarship and Outreach Programs

The staff of the Opportunity Scholarship and Outreach Programs office empowers Torch Scholars and Boston Scholars (including Boston Housing Authority, Boston Public High School, Boston Valedictorian, Northeastern Neighborhood) to take full advantage of their undergraduate experience, unlock their potential, and thrive. OSOP offers programming throughout the semester to meet with students, fostering a close-knit, supportive, and encouraging community. With connections and partners throughout the entire university, OSOP provides students with support, guidance, and resources to succeed at Northeastern and beyond.

Pre-College Programs

Brian Murphy Clinton, Assistant Vice President, also oversees the Pre-College Programs designed for talented high school students who want to give themselves an edge. Northeastern University offers a choice of innovative programs led by Northeastern’s internationally acclaimed faculty. Accelerate programs are hosted on our Boston and Seattle campuses, allowing high school students to experience true collegiate learning in a world-class environment.

Strategic Enrollment Initiatives

The Strategic Enrollment Initiatives (SEI) team supports a high-level enrollment management technology strategy and infrastructure that enables us to make choices today that will have long-lasting implications in the context of our broader and fast-moving ecosystem. SEI is advancing a sustainable, collaborative, and accountable technology model between Enrollment Management, ITS, and University Audit & Advisory Services, while implementing “best of breed” technologies to meet our enrollment management needs.

Led by Marina Macomber, SEI consists of a highly talented group of Salesforce Architects, Business Analysts, and Product Owners. The team is focused on initiatives that will add to the customer service capabilities within enrollment management, and enhance the student application, visit & event, and marketing engagement experiences for our audiences.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services (SFS) is dedicated to supporting students and families in the pursuit of their educational goals by providing clear information and resources around financial aid programs, costs and benefits. Led by Dean Rob Reddy, SFS is a unit that provides services to students along all financial touchpoints during their Northeastern journey. SFS is comprised of multiple departments including Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and SFS Systems. Additionally, SFS oversees the university’s Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers (CAVS), Center for Financial Literacy, and Office of Student Employment, Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships.

The vision of SFS is to transform itself from a Boston centric operation into a One Northeastern Enrollment Management unit by facilitating learner access, growth, and mobility across a global university system. Key goals include:

  • Creating enrollment management practices, policies, and processes within SFS that lead and integrate with other EM units, while supporting the Colleges, Academic Programs and location growth.
  • Provide learner supports that facilitate enrollment growth and mobility throughout the university system.
  • Develop customer service capacities and options that assist learners Any Where, Any Place, Any Time and Any How.


Undergraduate Admissions

Admission to Northeastern’s undergraduate program is highly competitive. Our goal is to build a diverse community of intellectually curious, mature, and highly motivated students who are a good match for our distinctive educational experience.

The Undergraduate Admissions team, led by Elizabeth Cheron, leads the recruitment (domestic and international), processing, review, and selection of first year and transfer students for the Fall and the suite of specialized entry programs, including, NU Bound, NU Immerse, and ContiNUe. Liz’s team oversees the University Visitor Center and programming for prospective and admitted students both on and off-campus. The Office of Opportunity Scholarships and Programs is another arm of the Admissions team and includes support for special Boston scholarships and the Torch Scholars Program.

The important work that Dean Cheron’s team engages in connects the operational process of recruiting, admitting, and enrolling a class and links that to strategic work happening with college partners and campus colleagues. The Undergraduate Admissions team is known for efficiently managing high volume processes, being nimble and innovative with new strategic projects, and being an active voice regionally and nationally within our profession. Annually, the team serves nearly 100,000 visitors to campus, visits 45 states and 60+ countries, reviews over 65,000 applications for first year and transfer admission.